4 Questions with Steve Leung

“I wanted to design an iconic bathtub that drew a connection between East and West, acknowledging the past with a view towards the future,” award-winning interior designer and architect, Steve Leung describes his debut creation, Taizu, for an established brand known for its freestanding baths and basins, Victoria + Albert.

H&D: How did Song ceramics, Emperor Taizu and the Song Dynasty shape and influence your design and perspective on what an ideal bathtub is?

S: During the Song Dynasty, China was internationally known for silk, tea, furniture and the flawless perfection of its ceramics. Affluent consumers from all over Europe fell in love with the stunning Chinese porcelain, which became a coveted collectable. It was during that period of time that the art of ceramics reached such a high level of perfection. I decided to pay tribute to this unparalleled craftsmanship’s skills, embodying the distinctive shapes of Song Dynasty ceramics in our bathtub.