How to: Clean age stains from your linens

White bedding and linens are absolutely the height of sophistication and comfort, but proffer so much pain by merit of being so easily stained! Worry not – your linens may yet be saved with these few easy steps!


Give it a soak

Bedsheets, as well as various other fabrics like tablecloths, tend to yellow with age. Throw them all into the washer together and soak over some hours in special whitening detergent. Proceed to wash as normal after.

Baking soda and water

Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it over the stain. Leave to marinate overnight, and wash off the next day in warm water.

Salt and lemons

Either use vinegar or lemon juice as a soak for the stain. Then rub in table salt, then rinse and repeat.


If it whitens your teeth, it’ll also whiten your fabrics! Spread some toothpaste over the afflicted areas and leave for a short while. Rinse off and repeat as necessary.


For larger objects like quilts and bedding, you’ll need bleach to do the trick properly. Leave to soak overnight in the bleach solution, then wash off. Rinse and repeat as necessary!