Clever storage spots for clever people

Let’s face it: we live in a world full of wonderful activities to partake in, and plenty of places to explore and see. And with so many hobbies, activities, and places to visit, it makes sense that we end up with a lot of things to store, and that means: storage.

Fear not; we know exactly where you can store your things! After all, clever storage solutions were the invention of necessity, and this is most definitely necessary to keep your home clean!

Your hobby: Cooking
Where to store your things: Above your kitchen cabinets.
When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it pays off to remember that they almost always never make it all the way to the ceiling. Don’t waste that space! Pack up some lighter-load objects (obviously we’re not saying to overload your cabinets with 5 kilo dutch ovens) up in reusable boxes and put them up there for when they’re needed!