How to: Get your kitchen Instagram-ready

If you have dreams of becoming an Insta-celeb with a propensity for kitchen work and cooking, you’ll need to make sure your space is Aesthetics-Central. Here’s how!

Keep your colour scheme cohesive

If you have a mostly-neutral, Nordic-style minimalist kitchen space, you don’t want to immediately yuck it up with a plastic, acid-coloured dish rack. These are the things that can really detract from the content of your video, so watch out for that. If replacement is not possible, try removing them when you do your shoots.

Do a test run

There’s no better way to figure out what’s wrong, visually, than to do a test video run. Look through the footage and pick out things that are uncomfortable for the eye; then remove them!

Make sure you have lots of natural light

Keeping your space well-lit is imperative when it comes to video and photography, so if you’re able to usher in natural light, do so.

Clean up!

Clutter does not look good in any shape or form, and least of all on video; cut the clutter and clean up! This means you’ll need to incorporate plenty of storage space for your plates, cutlery, cookware, and various other bits and bobs. No stray plastic bags, please!

Display your gadgets

Very few things will look as impressively ‘kitchen’ as a stand mixer or a swanky espresso machine. If you use these appliances often, there’s no harm in keeping them out on display. Not only will they be easier to reach, they’ll help your future viewers with their personal #kitchengoals!

Grow some herbs

If you’re one of those lucky few whose kitchens are frequently blanketed in light, you might want to grow some herbs (or erbs!) to take advantage of that! Some easy options are spring onion, ginger, basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary for starters!