House tour: A home built to accommodate a new family addition!

Upon being told that they were expecting, this young couple moved to a bigger place to accommodate the addition to the family.

They say parenthood changes your life. Sometimes, it might even force you to change homes. That certainly was the case for Arun and Tania, who had been living in their previous apartment for barely 10 months when they learnt they had a baby on the way. While comfortable for two, their 860 sqft two-bedroom home proved too small to accommodate a third family member. Today, they reside on a 1,100 sqft resale apartment where their year-old son enjoys a nursery of his own. They asked Joy Ouyang, design manager at boutique design firm Eightytwo, for a timeless look with a largely monochromatic scheme, which they could add character to with wares acquired on their travels.

Repainting all the walls white was a key step in achieving the monochrome look the homeowners wanted.