RAW Art Exhibition @ Lightcraft.

Lightcraft opened its doors to eight art graduates of UiTM who showcased an extension of their final year project, during a month-long private art exhibition held at the brand’s showroom in Jalan Sungai Besi.

Occupying the iconic building which was once known as Federal Bakery, Lightcraft flaunts originality not just structure-wise, but an interior that has been kept intact. The well-preserved showroom exudes an appealing charm that suits the “raw” theme of the art exhibition.

The collaborative efforts between Lightcraft and UiTM bring visitors on an exciting exploratory journey into a warm and cosy exhibit space, discovering unique pieces by up-and-coming artists, Aimman Hafizal, Ain Rahman, Atiqah Anuar, Aina Shuhadah, Erfann Dannial, Falil Johari, Hannah Nazamil and Roslinda Gazali.

Visitors were greeted by peeling painted walls and cool raw cement floors, the rather casual, intimate, raw, and industrious atmosphere of the space, which were the living quarters of Federal Bakery’s staff, places an emphasis on the context of the artworks. The space provides an opportunity for both the curator and artists to set a flow to the exhibition and to present their artworks creatively. Room partitions for example, brings out pieces of artworks and art installations expressing bold individuality.

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