Generation of Style

Welcome to the home sphere of today, inhabited by a new generation of evolved, inspired young professional. Highly fashionable, affluent, and eager to fill their homes with aesthetics that show who they are and the lives they lead, this new generation of homeowners knows and values quality above all. These are the homeowners who want to be unique, to stand out and to allow their home to shine through their interesting and sophisticated choice of furnishings.

Enter Rozel’s inaugural Gen-R sofas, lauded as the brand’s first-ever vibrant expression of urban lifestyle trends. Within the contemporary, thoughtful Scandinavian designs are high-quality materials and the mindset that quality will always prevail above all. Genuine leather imparts comfort, and alongside fabric finishing of the highest quality, serves to provide all homeowners with both form and function.

Further driving home the importance of aesthetics, Rozel’s Gen-R sofa is customisable. Homeowners can choose from a selection of materials, combining fabric and leather for seat, backrest, and skirtings. With the freedom to mix and match for cushions and pillows, the Gen-R more than enables today’s generation in terms of individuality.

The Gen-R sofa is priced from RM3,990 onwards. For more information, visit www.rozel.com.my.