Getting to know Hanisah Johari.

Hanisah Johari, founder of Condimentstrings talks about the importance of colours in her work and how she got into Macrame.

H&D: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? Do you work full-time at Condimentstrings?

H: I graduated with a Multimedia and Design Degree from National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). I have worked in several corporate companies for two years and started Condimentstrings full time in 2017.

H&D: Where did you learn the art of Macrame?

H: I was looking for inspiring wedding decor ideas when I first stumbled upon Macrame on Pinterest and a few other design-related websites. But it’s only after our wedding that my husband and I realised that we needed to free up our floor space. We came up with the idea of creating macrame plant hangers to fit his collection of indoor plants, which vary in sizes, into our small living space. From there, I tried looking up the basic macrame techniques on Youtube, invested in a few books and enrolled in a workshop in Melbourne, Australia.