Travelling tips: Easy ways to charge and conserve the battery life of your gadgets.

Have you been stuck in a sticky situation where you’re close to exhausting your power bank? This could spell trouble especially when you’re relying on battery-draining apps for directions. Here are a few important travelling tips to take note of, prior to visiting unfamiliar places.

1. Take a break.

Before the start of and after any journey, are the two most important time of the day in making sure all of your gadgets, not just your power bank, are fully charged without overloading the power points or electrical outlets. Try prioritising the gadgets that need charging first such as a power bank, depending on its capacity, pocket wifi and your phone. You’ll need to alternate and spread out their charging times without leaving them unattended. Hence, the importance of taking a break in-between your busy itinerary. This gives you a window of opportunity to visit newly discovered cafes with charging ports!

Note: Don’t forget to pack an extra adapter before heading out.

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