Spruce up your home with a fresh coat!

It can be nerve-wracking and painful to furnish your very first living space, and this often explains the dull-coloured pieces dominating the first homes of many. It’s time to get rid of that ‘pseudo-minimalist’ mindset and change it up with some colour and luxe!

Pick out the duller pieces – these can range from solid coloured picture frames, plain mirrors, and dull furniture pieces – and start breaking out the paint! Go wild with neon yellow and greens or opt for a more regal affair like dark purples or soft blues. The key is to add colour, enough to picque your visual senses!

You could also try out special paints that allow you to explore the depths of your inner creativity through texture and sheen – Nippon’s Momento special effect paints are a great option.

Create unique patterns, emulate a texture, or let your plain furnishings sparkle. Get creative by using tape to map out a series of patterns and paint over to create a unique printed look that adds richness and depth to your furnishing!