Renovations gone wrong

Seven people share their tales of entertaining renovation fails.

Surya Islami - Professional Photographer

A Tale of Dragons
“My father had the ‘brilliant’ idea back in the early 2000s of paving our backyard - which was a nice spot to hang out in - with concrete so he could build a storage area for his business. It extended quite a ways to the fence and since our yard wasn’t level with our house, support beams had to be installed to prop the new extended surface up evenly. That left a nice dark cavern underneath, which is unsettling considering what creatures might make the spot their home. Sure enough a few months later, I remember my sister running and screaming about a snake in the backyard. Turns out it was a komodo dragon, a big one, climbing its way out from underneath. We called the fire department to catch it and as they did, they shone a flashlight down the crevice and to all our horror, there was a writhing nest of baby komodos that nearly filled up the small cavern. Sad to say we had to exterminate the poor creatures and fill the space up with soil as we should have done initially to prevent an infestation.”