Pastel Dreams

In the trying times of today, it can be remarkably comforting to sink into the dreamy world of pastels. Used at home in spaces dedicated to rest and relaxation, pastel hues are proven to calm the mind and spirit, allowing for greater ease of mind even as we seek to disengage from the worries of the world to focus on ourselves. Saba’s designs, tailor-made with a vast selection of fabrics to suit different styles provide for just that!

The Pixel box bed evokes a lush, tranquil, and modern sense of style. Contemporary ‘boxiness’ does well when incorporated into any modern home!

Led by entrepreneur Amelia Pegorin, the Saba brand has exemplified elegance and aesthetics since 1987, marching ever forward in the pursuit of relaxing design concepts. The Saba aesthetic is one that is functional and modern; the designs dress the home as cloth might dress a person, born of a desire to experiment without overstepping boundaries into excessiveness. Driven by quality and ergonomics, the brand believes that products should be technically excellent, while also responding to customer needs and emotion-stirring aesthetics.

The Geo and Baby Geo armchairs are completely rounded, providing soft corners to suit a gentler aesthetic in the absence of harsh, solid lines.

From the very beginning, the brand has championed an inspiring principle: Harmony and Creativity for a perfect living experience. This principle is perfectly encapsulated in the brand’s numerous designs; there is a distinct balance in femininity and rationality in Saba’s products, made even more prominent in the careful combination of materials’ colours and textures.

The Amelie armchair is the perfect plush seat for a cosy reading nook, in colours that evoke Pantone’s blue-and-pink combo of Rose Quartz and Serenity from 2016!

The Limes New modular sofa set perfectly exemplifies the concept of ‘moving and adapting’ to suit the times and needs.

Saba products are available from Forest Furniture.