Safety First

hansgrohe’s Croma E and Ecostat E keeps things temperate and safe within the bathroom – the perfect solution to every child’s first bath alone!

The worries of parenthood are vast and unending. Ask any new parent about the trials of babyproofing one’s home – chances are you’ll hear about a long list of things to consider. Thankfully, where the bathroom is concerned, hansgrohe has you covered with the new Croma E range!

Sharp edges. Overly-hot water. The risk of electrocution. The possibility of mould and the potential of bad ventilation. There’s an unfortunate array of accidents just waiting to happen in the bathroom, with a whole cocktail of problem areas that can make or break the tranquillity of the space. It’s no wonder it’s frequently lauded as an area of concern where home safety is concerned.

Enter hansgrohe’s Croma E range. With new SoftCube aesthetics incorporating softly-rounded corners, the range also marries the brand’s iconic, outstanding spray technology with optimal safety functions. This, naturally, includes CoolContact technology, which prevents the Ecostat E thermostat housing from heating up, ensuring easy and safe handling at all times. Further adding to the safety measures at hand, the Croma E range also includes SafetyStop at the thermostat handle, which prevents unexpected increases in water temperature.

Beyond water temperature, however, the Croma E range also allows for ease of access no matter how tall the user is. Allay your fears of children scaling precarious heights to reach the shower; with the new Showerpipe shower slide, users can easily adjust the height of the hand shower, into which the select functions are also integrated. SoftRain, IntenseRain, and Massage modes provide a variety of shower experiences to suit multiple needs, and with the Croma E head shower further equipped with RainAir spray for pure, unadulterated relaxation, you’ll have your family singing in the rain in no time at all!


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