A review on World's Smallest 3LCD Laser Projector

We tried Epson's 3LCD Laser Home Entertainment Projector, EF-100W, and we think it’s a perfect fit in every household and office. 

1. Design aspect 1#: The projector packs a punch, encased within a beautiful sleek exterior, a product of a well-thought out design.  

Epson’s 3LCD Laser Home Entertainment Projector, EF-100W left a lasting impression starting with it’s portability, the sleek design and stylish colours it comes in. Its stylish classy white with ‘matte’ silver trimmings or tailored black exterior with bronze trimmings makes the projector a state-of-the-art gadget or a conversational piece that fits right into your home interior. Thanks to its compact form, Epson’s EF-100 home entertainment projector does not take up plenty of space. All-in-all, the stylish projector complements and blends well into your interior when kept on a shelf or within a television console.  

Speaking about design and child-friendly aspect, the projector flaunts modern rounded curves rather than sharp edges which won’t hurt when you carry it about. 

Fact: The projector weighs 2.7kg. It’s 21cm wide, 9cm tall and 23cm in depth. 


2. Design aspect 2#: Practicality and connectivity. 

Epson’s 3LCD Laser Home Entertainment Projector, EF-100W features a unique fuss-free design that keeps cables cleverly tucked away and out of sight within a rear fabric-lined panel that pops off easily. The panel reveals a HDMI port and a microUSB port which is situated right next to the projector’s 5W speaker. Also, thanks to the clever design, you won’t have to worry about putting off your movie night having misplaced either your HDMI or microUSB cables as they come attached to the projector, letting you link to your chromecast or phone. A cable clamp and hooks are used to secure the cables into place, leaving the rear panel organised after use. You can also stream Youtube or Netflix to your projector easily enough through bluetooth. 


Note: Based on our experience, the projector isn’t hot to the touch thanks to the air intake vent and exhaust vents on the side and in the rear panel. On a personal note, you can watch family videos by connecting a pair of headphones to the projector.  


3. Unique feature 1# : Portability.

The projector is a practical investment for homeowners who move frequently and have yet to fully furnish their homes. Imagine packing up and carrying a compact and light-weight high-resolution television with you, at ease, if you enjoy watching sports at a relatives’ home. 

The portability of the projector allows you to move it from the living room to the bedroom and back. It’s simple set up barely requires 15-30 minutes of your time to a sharp, crisp, vivid, vibrant and crystal clear imagery projected onto the empty walls and even on the ceiling without a screen. 

Equipped with a unique 360-degree projection technology, Epson's 3LCD Laser Home Entertainment Projector, EF-100W can be positioned upright to project movies or relaxing imagery onto the ceiling. This presents an opportunity for families to spend quality time with their little ones by establishing a unique, "indoor camping" experience whereby your family is able to watch movies from the comforts of their beds, on soft-tufted rugs or in any comfortable and supportive positions.


4. Unique feature 2#: Taking a stand. 

When it’s not projecting upwards onto the ceiling, Epson’s 3LCD laser home entertainment projector, EF-100 can be elevated by a retractable stand at the slide of a button. The stand could optimise the best height and angle of imagery prior to the automated keystone correction. The vertical and horizontal keystone correction is an essential feature that corrects the shape and position of the projected image to fit into the center of an angled screen or surface for the best viewing experience. You can do this manually using a remote control. 

5. Unique feature 3#: Movie Magic!  

Get ready to be blown away by the rich and vibrant colours that adds a realistic touch to the movies you’re watching. The projector, which delivers 2,000 lumens of colour and white brightness with its 3LCD and laser technology, functions with clarity in both bright and dark spaces. Moreover, the projection of realistic imagery is as wide as 150 inches with the projector’s placement being a 3.41 meter distance away from the screen!  

Specs: Contrast ratio of 2,500:000: 1. 

6. Reasons why it’s worth investing in Epson’s 3LCD laser home entertainment projector, EF-100W. 

The projector is worth investing for homes or business ventures, considering if you travel for meetings or move homes frequently. It makes the perfect gadget for your home if you simply can’t stress enough on the importance of spending quality time with your family during the weekends or during the rare occasions where you spend copious amounts of time at home, especially during the difficult quarantine period of Covid-19.  

For more information, visit www.epson.com.my