3 reasons to give yourself a kitchen island

We get it, there's very little kitchen space afforded to the homes of today! It's almost sad, considering just how much time one spends in the kitchen, whether it's for prepping meals or family baking sessions. But we've got three reasons why you should treat yourself to a kitchen island.

1. Easy access between your stove and the cutting board. Chopping onions to saute? No problem! Just turn around and toss them into the pan, without the need to sprint across your kitchen.

2. Entertain and cook at the same time! Enjoy having guests over? The clever use of a kitchen island allows for you to entertain your guests and chat face-to-face while you're cooking. If you enjoy holding cooking classes, or making cooking videos at home, an island also allows for you to show off your cooking from the best angles.

3. Break up the white space with extra storage space. If your kitchen is on the larger side, you can give yourself extra storage space with a kitchen island, with cabinets and drawers for your utensils and cooking accessories. For more informal breakfasts, you can even eat at the counter! 

All photos are from Ikea, and picture the METOD kitchen systems.