Artist of the Month: Mandy Maung

Like all of us, Mandy Maung finds art and music therapeutic. Get to know more about the artist and the amount of research that goes into her artworks, here.

H&D: Complete these sentences…

  1. As an artist, you are meticulous over… details and precision.

  2. The artists I look up to are … Michael Carson for style, Cristina Troufa and Casey Baugh.

  3. You have a personal collection of… my old paintings and sketches, friends’ artworks, they all hold a lot of sentimental values.

  4. The most elaborate piece I worked on is… I would say one of the pieces from my pixels series.

Red Sweater by Mandy Maung 

H&D: You’re working on a new project involving fears and phobias. How do you interpret them through your artwork? What is your research method for both, Songs in Strokes and your current project?

M: For this new project, I want to change it up a little bit and take it as a personal challenge to deliver a message that everyone can relate to as we all have our own fears and phobias that we may or may not deal with everyday. I have had to face my fears and phobias before, and it was quite liberating once I overcame it, and I want to bring our at least trigger the same kind of emotion in my models and muses in my paintings.

Be it emotionally or mentally, we have to have courage and strength to keep challenging ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone. Doing this will boost our confidence and self-esteem. As a new single mom, I went through a lot of emotions, naturally, I used music and painting which I find therapeutic and that somehow, produced Songs in Strokes.

H&D: Can we look forward to more artworks and exhibitions next year?

M: Yes, I hope so. I’m still in the midst of research for this new project, so no promises for when the next solo exhibition is, but hopefully within the next few years *fingers crossed* I’m looking forward to participating more in group exhibitions or doing a collaboration.

H&D: Where can we get your artworks from?

M: I’m currently revamping my website to give it a fresh, new look. I’ll be putting several artworks for sale. On the other hand, my artworks are sold at Roomies Suite in Batu Ferringhi, and a few pieces from Songs In Strokes are available for private viewing.

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