18 Mar 2019 12:27

Sitting down with a stylist to finalise the interior design of your home can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in your renovations endeavour, akin to garnishing the perfect cooked dish or fitting in the very last jigsaw piece. It’s important for the styling consultation to go well as this is the point where you will make decisions that will affect the way your personal space looks. Here are some ways you can ensure the meeting runs as smoothly as possible!

14 Mar 2019 19:17

Blu Inc Media recently celebrated International Women's Day, complete with a power anthem by Dayang Nurfaizan 'Istimewa' at Pavilion KL!

02 Feb 2019 08:00

Fill your home with effervescent scents this Chinese New Year! Here are some we absolutely adore.

07 Jan 2019 08:00

Useful though they may be, vacuum cleaners have garnered a reputation for being heavy, clunky, and remarkably fussy to use. This isn’t necessarily the truth with the dawn of technology – all you need do is look out for five basic features to ensure your vacuum is well worth the effort required for use!

04 Dec 2018 16:42

Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifier turns your home into a welcome reprieve from the polluted air outside. 

26 Nov 2018 17:33

The year is fast coming to an end, what better time than now to give your space an aesthetic overhaul? Head on over to BoConcept at Bangsar Shopping Centre to indulge in some chic Danish design!

08 Nov 2018 11:13

Crumbly gingerbread cookies and eggnog may be an absolute delight to eat, but put them anywhere near your sofas in the midst of a holiday party and you’ll have yourself good cause to worry. With adults mingling, children running and the presence of pets all around, not staining your furniture seems like nothing short of miraculous. Thankfully, there’s King Living to put you at ease!