Artistic Design

Decorating your first home or a new studio can be plenty of work, but with a little creativity, you can turn it into an exciting project. These are just a few inspiring ways that an artist can use to incorporate his or her talent into the interior of a home.



1.  All you need is the right fabric and several fabric dyes to create colourful ombre, or tie-dyed curtains. Be inspired by Casadeco’s Tissus Crepuscule Orange, from their Atelier Collection.



2.  You don’t have to be Picaso or Van Gogh to paint your walls. If you’re not comfortable with the crazy idea of painting on the wall, opt to paint on a wall-sized canvas instead. That way, you may can your artwork when it’s time to have your “wallpaper” changed (anytime you like).

Try Goodrich Global’s Vincent Van Gogh wall covering collection for a more permanent solution.


photo KIMGRES (Ridiculously Happy by creator of Bo & Friends, Kamwei) 

3.  Turn your works into tiles. If you’re inspired by the works of other artists, Kimgres offers a variety of bespoke tiles with the designs “drawn” on by local artists.    

Is baroque a style you wish to have as part of your home interior? Read more about the design, here