Black, white, and neutral - Part I

Though sometimes regarded as a gloomy colour, black is essential in design. It provides darkness and distinction, the starkness of its tone allowing for many things to stand out against its backdrop. Reminiscent of Coco Channel's iconic style, it also grants an illusion of luxury and grandeur, denoting simplistic elegance without being ostentacious. Here are some rooms that perfectly exemplify how the colour can be used, without coming off boring and uninspired.

1. The black-and-white wallpaper is tempered here with the use of solid tones, both in the pure black of the table surface and in the browns of the chair and floors. To break up the stark, psychadellic walls, a block of white is incorporated in the form of a simple art-frame.

2. Predominantly white, the room incorporates black in the form of a single wall, some furnishings and accessories, and a mesh design wallpaper to tie the colours together.

3. Greys, whites, and a hint of blue-grey breathe life into this space, alongside muted browns. The chalky effect of the brocade-patterned wall is mirrored in the matte flooring. affording the space with a simple, unfettered feel so popular in today's modern interiors.

4. Black is incorporated here by way of furnishings, ebony leather and accessories alike. Paired off with vibrant colours in small amounts, red, greens, and yellows, the space showcases the spirit of colour-blocking to perfection.

5. A single feature wall adds a spark of interest and vibrancy in this wood-rich room, coupled with stone-grey floors and a white carpeted area. A predominantly autumnal colour scheme in upholstery and accessories lend the room additional warmth.

6. Black and yellow is a royal combination. This space combines a gleaming tabletop with black both matte and steel, coupling it with dark amber, browns, and olive greens so as to avoid the Bumblebee effect.

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Photos from Goodrich Global