Black, white, and neutral - Part II

Though sometimes regarded as a gloomy colour, black is essential in design. It provides darkness and distinction, the starkness of its tone allowing for many things to stand out against its backdrop. Reminiscent of Coco Channel's iconic style, it also grants an illusion of luxury and grandeur, denoting simplistic elegance without being ostentacious. Continuing where we previously left off, here are some more rooms that perfectly exemplify how the colour can be used, without coming off boring and uninspired.

1. Old-English elegance, coupled with new-age repurposing come together for this space. A combination of neutrals temper the intricate wallpaper, which combines a dark shade of grey with botanical illustrations. 

2. Pale floors, doors, and neutral walls allow the intricately-patterned curtains to stand out.

3. Herringbone floors add luxe to stylishly black, patterned walls and furnishings. Beautifully displaying the wooden grain, the tabletop adds extra colour, perfectly pairing against the rose gold lamps that hang overhead.

4. Black on black is livened up with hints of white and red, the steel and glass providing some measure of relief against the predominantly dark layout.

5. Rose, wood, and ruddy brown give the room a sense of warmth and feminine elegance. A woven stool adds texture, while a strip of black for the fireplace draws the eye, brightened up by the flames within, yet still tempering the visceral appeal of the wooden tabletops.

6. Textures well become this room, which feature a rosette wallpaper in black featuring lifelike shadows further echoed in a ruffled pillow. The ruddy brown of the leather couch stands stark against the black, coupled with an olive rug and herringbone floors.

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Photos from Goodrich Global.