Concrete and colour

While the industrial aesthetic, more often than not, can ring too cold and unwelcoming, it's not true that it cannot be paired with fabrics and colours. Because the often grey palette is easily paired with colours and textures, homeowners have plenty of ways to inject colour and warmth into their spaces.

Many times, industrial chic features the use of concrete, coupled with cold steel, wood, and brick. It's all materials one would expect to find in warehouses and production factories, and can appear clinical and sterile, which is a look many people enjoy. Still, it's all too possible to add to the look, and still have it appear contemporary and sleek. 

Use rich, deep colours like purples to give the space some life. It helps to use several shades of the same colour, tying the look together with the use of visually similar patterns. Deep ambers, oxblood reds, and rich blues are also great for brightening up the room, depending on what you like. Try not to pair too many colours together, as this could lead to an excess in visual cues, which could destroy the modern aesthetic you're going for. You'll also want to go minimal with the furnishings. Pick a few key items that speak of your design style, and surround them with lots of empty space. Only the essentials!

Play with textures. If you're not fond of too much colour, but want to add some visual flavour to your space, work with the same scheme of colours. Lots of grey is broken up when you throw in differing textures, from curtain, to floor, to chair. Also consider throws that feature bright colours in minimal amounts.

Metallics are the perfect accompaniment to an industrial aesthetic! Play around with metallic furnishings, and look to pair them with bold, flashy fabrics to temper the coldness of concrete and steel combined. If plain silver isn't your style, opt for rose gold or copper accessories to add colour and lustre!

Photos from Acacia Fine Fabrics and Goodrich Global.