A Conducive Study

Create a conducive environment these furnishings from Space Furniture, Ligne Roset and BoConcept.

1. Moooi’s Oblique Shelf from Space Furniture is perfect to create a unique look to your study room.

2. Satellite table lamp from BoConcept lights up your room at a perfect angle.

3. A piece of artwork placed in a study room not only makes a room look interesting, but it helps to inspire homeowners creatively. Dark Romantic Beauty artwork is from BoConcept. 

4. Incorporate texture into your study room, with carpets and rugs.  The marguerite rug is from Ligne Roset. 

5. You spend long hours sitting on it, therefore it is a must to have a comfortable chair. The Ferrara chair is from BoConcept.

6. What is a study room without a desk? The Classy Giorgetti Tycoon Office Desk is available from Space Furniture.