Dog Proof Your Home

There comes a point of your life where you welcome a new member of the family to the home, but with that wagging tail comes great responsibility. Dogs are curious creatures so your home will quickly become a hazard zone if not properly dog-proofed. Fortunately, it is a simple endeavour and once you are done, you would have created a safe haven for your precious four legged companion.

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The Baby Department

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A great guide to dog proofing your home is to borrow a page from baby proofing. Take a trip to your nearest baby store and check out your options. Products like baby gates, cabinet safety locks, electrical outlet covers, and table edge guards are all easily available and relatively affordable. They are also easy to install, so with little effort your dog will be safe from itself and its environment.


Canine Vision

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Our field of view as grown humans are rather elevated so it is hard to see what lies on the floors and beneath our eyesight; there might be hidden small objects that might get ingested by your canine friend. Get down on all fours to get a sense of what your dog sees and start looking for stray knick knacks or wires that might be a hazard to your little friend. Bring a box along so you can collect them easily.


Close the Bins

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Your trash cans and garbage bins are a wasteland for you, but a can of possible treats for dogs. Unfortunately, this unpleasant behavior has its consequences; your trash either being strewed on the floor or a sick dog with severe diarrhea. One solution is to have a pull-out trash can which can cost a pretty penny. A cheaper alternative is to use a heavy metal lidded can that has a concealed lever.


Crates, Crates, Crates

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Some see it as a cruel act to crate a dog but if left to its own devices, a dog can be a danger to itself. Choose a large, comfortable, and sizable crate that suits your dog and crate-train your dog so it will feel comfortable being inside. The next time you go out, you can rest assured that your furry companion is safe; just do not leave it in there for an extended period of time.


Store the consumables

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Invest in a medicine cabinet if you do not have one and place it at a height where your dog cannot get to it. Make sure to not leave any pills or vitamins unattended on table surfaces as bigger dogs can easily get to it. One wrongly-ingested pill might result in death. Same level of caution should also be applied to dog food as well; get a push and twist container so your furry friend does not accidentally consume the lot and end up with an upset stomach.