Florals for days

Flowers are a great way to brighten up the home, but they can be quite hassle-causing, what with their needing to be replaced every week and such. Some noses are also more sensitive to pollen than others, and when that happens, the discomfort plain cuts out the soothing effect of the flowers' beauty! Thankfully, there are many other great ways to add a burst of floral beauty into the home.

Wallpaper up! It's okay if you don't have the patience or skill to paint real roses on your walls. Just employ the use of wallpaper, which will give you the same, beautiful effect! Be sure to pair your ornate wallpaper with simpler furnishings, flat colours that match those on the walls. Otherwise, the effect may overwhelm rather than soothe.

Florals are great, and so are botanicals! We're loving the gorgeous, soothing palette of Harlequin's Palmetto collection, available from Goodrich Global.

When dining, don't forget to decorate with a floral tablecloth to suit the time. Tea-times in particular are perfect for doilies and the printed blossom paper towels. Forget old-fashioned; the look is in! Bright colours bring us away from the old lace doilies of our grandmothers' era. The INBJUDANDE series is available from IKEA.

For a simpler touch of floral, use a placemat as opposed to going all out! It'll accompany your meal beautifully, and you'll have flowers at the dining table! The INBJUDANDE series is available from IKEA.

IKEA's FULLGOD candles are beautifully carved, reminiscent of cherry blossoms in this soft peach hue. What better way to enjoy a day in?

Going floral? Start with these products we absolutely love!


1. Marimekko Unikko tea pot, from Janine.

2. Designers Guild Couture Rose pillows, from Janine.

3. SOMMAR 2016 napkins, from Ikea.

4. Portmeirion Botanic Garden teapot, from Janine.