The Front Door Debacle

The front doors of our homes tend to be the first impression that people get when visiting so their design and décor is crucial. However, in the long term, the front entryway gets chucked in the back burner as it is left to fend for itself against the elements while its paint wears and wood rots.

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It is time to devote your attention and care to the single most important part of your home, and it does not need to be hard. The simplest and most significant way to instantly refresh the look of your home is to apply a new coat of paint.


Be adventurous and try on bold new colours! To get started, here are a few suggestions to get you inspired.



Vibrant turquoise

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It does not hurt if the first thing people see is a pop of colour when arriving at your home. A trending hue in the market now is turquoise, which evokes memories of yore especially from the colourful 60s while retaining an air of creative restraint. It will work well if the walls around your home’s entryway are of a darker, earthy hue.  


Dark red

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For a more regal tone, try a darker shade of red that reflects the tone of the Victorian age. Contrast it with a grey or a muted wall to make for entryway that feels ceremonious every time you walk through it. Just be sure to go with matte paint, and not the glossy kind as the reflective nature of the paint will make it look ‘tacky’.


Pastel Power

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A bright popping colour can result in two extremes; either it will look fantastic, or will ruin the entire aesthetic of your home’s exterior. So if you are not ready to run the risk, skip the vibrant paint colours and go for more subdued pastels. A soft pastel purple is a good place to start, as it is a unique look that sends a funky and inviting vibe to visiting guests!


Rustic Orange

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If you live in a home with a more natural aesthetic, in which there are many natural elements incorporated both indoors and outdoors, a rustic orange can complete the look. The colour is warm, easy on the eyes, and is a yearlong celebration of autumn’s colours.  



Bright yellow

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If subdued or muted pastels are just not your taste, match your level of gusto in life with a bright yellow paint job for the entryway. This bright sheen seems to eliminate all negative energy as you enter your home, and stays vibrant even on the darkest of days. To avoid making it look too complicated, however, make sure the surrounding walls and décor are a shade of white.



Back to Black

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For a simple but sleek update to your wearing doorway, one will fit in with every home’s aesthetic, try a contemporary black. For a more upmarket look, try pairing it with silver or gold hardware on knobs and locks, or even install a knocker for a vintage feel.