Gift-Wrapping (Part 1)

Gift-wrapping is part and parcel of the traditional practice of giving. Christmas presents mustn’t go unwrapped, so we’ve asked three artists/designers to come out with their favourite unique ways for gift wrapping. Get inspired and learn a thing or two from these crafty talents who wrap up gifts for their loved ones using individualistic styles

Presented by Lisette Scheers, founder of Nala Design and Dr.Inc.

photography: CHRISTINE CHANG.

Present: How to present a beautiful book.

What you need:

Oil paper


Hardcover Vintage Book (from Nala Design)

Three different wrapping paper designs from the Wrapping Paper Book (from Nala Design)

Greeting Card (from Nala Design)

Cellophane Tape



Fountain pen




1. Wrap the hardcover vintage book with a piece of oil paper and tape it up with a sticker.

2. Select three wrapping paper designs. Measure and cut proportionate to the gift. Wrap them round the gift with the edges meeting in the centre.

4. Fold the first two layers outwards. Do two fan pleats on the edge of the third sheet of paper.

5. Fold in the sides neatly and secure it with tape.


6. Personalise a card and slip it into the pleated edge.

7. Tie a ribbon across the gift.

Need more ideas on how to wrap your gift? Watch out for our blog post on 23/12/2015 and 24/12/2015 for more ideas.  Up for cookies, anyone?