How to light your bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rejuvenate and relax after a long hard day. Harsh lighting just won’t do when you’re trying to sleep. And while some of us do enjoy reading in bed, we’re of the belief that mood lighting can help to put you at ease, ready to lull your senses into a deep, restful sleep.

Some types of headboard lights are inbuilt, making for a clean, non-clutter look and feel. This creative cut-out light provides gentle light.

To make your lampshades a part of the decor, try attaching them to a wooden headboard. You can add colour and texture to your room with the material of your lampshade.

Small table lamps may take up a bit of space on your nightstand, but they add interesting details to your decor. These lamps from Ikea accentuate your room’s decor, depending on what style of furnishing you are going for – these can work in either exotic, or modern bedrooms.

Floor lamps add a bit of height to your bedroom decor. Many can be adjusted for more focused light when you’re reading in bed. The Ottawa floor lamp is available from BoConcept.

Fairy lights are great for headboards with potential for looping and hooking! They’re perfect for lighting up your childrens’ bedrooms, adding soft mood lighting that can almost double as stars in the night.

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