It’s a Wild Life Out There



Born in Kedah, KL-based artist, Haris Rashid produces amazing pieces of artworks. Within a specific animal drawn, you will find refined details of an animal’s habitat and other elements of nature. With both colours and visuals, Haris highlights both beauty and endangerment of wild animals in his Beauty in the Beast exhibition.

H&D: Hi Haris! Tell us how you got involved in art.

Haris: As a child, I spent my time doodling and drawing a lot in my textbook. I just could not pay attention to what was being taught in class. It started out as a hobby but then I started entering competitions and winning prizes, I felt a sense of achievement and that I wanted to do art for the rest of my life. My mum who is a teacher at my high school (SMK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) also influenced me a lot.

H&D: How is your work defined?

Haris: I consider myself an illustrator kind of artist because there are commercial elements in my artworks. Aside from my artworks with commercial elements, I like to paint and have them exhibited in art galleries.

H&D: There are subtle messages behind your artworks. What are the messages you would like to send across to art lovers

Haris: My works are joyful to look at but have a hint of melancholy. I hope they give a positive impact but the viewers have the right to interpret my work however they want to.

H&D: Do you get inspired by other artists? 

Haris: Yes, I’m inspired by artists such as James Jean, Erik Jones and Audrey Kawaski.



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