Kitchen Love

Is the usual beige and yellowing kitchen getting you down? Time to get in the game of sprucing it up! A good kitchen makeover might make the usual meal prep for your family more enjoyable and less dreary.

Before you head for your nearest IKEA, consider this brief guide to help you through the basics.


Muted colours

There was a time when bright and reflective colours were the norm for a typical kitchen but maybe it is time for a change. Instead of going for the bright white kitchen cabinet, consider pale blues, browns, greens, and grays. Coupled with a soft glowing lighting scheme, it is easier on the eyes and relaxing for the soul.


Brass from the past

Want an elegant touch? How about ditching those mainstream chrome and stainless steel faucets for old school ones made of solid brass? They easily stand out and create a unique contrast to your kitchen motif without being too extravagant! Not to mention they look like something transported out from a Victorian era castle.


Deep drawers

If you have a small kitchen, storage becomes a big issue really fast as you pile up those spices, cutlery, and cookware on top of each other. To get rid of this burden, it’s time to switch out those conventional single tier drawers for multi tier ones. This one from Hafele presents itself as a single drawer but opens to reveal a separate tier of storage.


Art and nature

Despite the kitchen being a utilitarian space, it shouldn’t be deprived of any sort of decorative pieces. To brighten up the area and make it feel less detached from the rest of your home, try adding art pieces on unused wall areas; couple that with fresh greenery and you have yourself a kitchen that looks as fresh as the fruits you just bought.


Wood and more wood

Like what hardwood floors do for living rooms to make them more warm and welcoming? Do the same with your kitchen. Not only does it go well with the muted colours, brass faucets and greenery, but it is friendlier to bare feet and makes meal prepping time enjoyable. Go for a lightwood ash without the shiny sheen for a subdued understated look.


Breathe new life into your kitchen with these few basic guides. For a place where sustenance is prepared, it deserves more appreciation and attention from homeowners.

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