Mediterranean Splendor

Create an interior that conjures thoughts of Spanish seaside villas which are warm, earthy, and rich with textures with the Mediterranean aesthetic, which is also known as the ‘Spanish modern’. Originating in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, this interior style is a visual trip, one that is taken without leaving the confines of your house. It tells of exotic lands and entices with an adventurous promise.

To embrace the style for your home, here is a breakdown of the Mediterranean aesthetic to get your started.

Image courtersy of Houzz

Warm, landscape inspired colours. The Mediterranean aesthetic largely draws inspiration from both land and sea with its colour palette. Dusky lavenders, cobalt blues, ochre yellows, musky greens and earthy terracotta, these colours all evoke a tropical, beachside feel - you can almost hear soft crashing of waves in the distance. Blend soft colours with bolder ones for better contrast.

Image courtersy of Garbaldi 

Grandiose furnishing is key. Skip the skinny and petite pieces because Mediterranean furniture has presence. Stout with chunky bases, sturdy legs, broad tabletops, and towering cases are the name of the game when it comes to the Mediterranean aesthetic. Choose dark woods with intricate carved detailing for a more authentic touch.


Textures, textures, and more textures. In the Mediterranean style, the space’s surfaces all convey an artisan’s touch. Stucco is a signature choice but Venetian plaster can be a good alternative. Leave no plain walls untouched by giving it a textural illusion with paint techniques such as ‘rag-rolling’.

Image credit VEE CHIN

Make that tile work. Tile is one of the hallmarks of Mediterranean décor from roofing to walls; it creates the foundation of the aesthetic. Fill up walls, especially small areas with decorative mosaics, scatter painted tiles throughout a neutral-coloured space and line them up for an archway.


Image courtersy of La Terraza

Take it outside. The Mediterranean style is all about enjoying life outside under the sun and surrounded by nature. So, put your porch to good use by furnishing it with beautiful patio chairs, tables, or even lounge sofas. To be more authentic, try heavy iron, a working fountain, lanterns, and structured shrubbery. For colour, add in a fiesta of flowers to wrap it all up!

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