Nik A Ramli

Looking for ways to support local designers? Nik A Ramli’s range of products with hand drawn designs, are now available in limited quantities at YouBeli. Check them out now or read on to find out more about his collaboration with YouBeli. 

photo NIK A. RAMLI 

H&D: How did your collaboration with YouBeli come about? Tell us more about your experience with YouBeli.

Nik: Back in the UK, I was thinking, how I can reach out to fellow Malaysian buyers and as it happens, I met up with a friend who’d heard about YouBeli, over coffee. I began looking through their website and decided to contact them. I was pleased with the professional team who was not only helpful in answering all my queries but had provided me with a smooth experience. I was pleased with their quick response. The Nik A Ramli YouBeli Shop was established on the first of October.

H&D: As a local designer living abroad, how has YouBeli provided you with a platform that gives access to fellow Malaysians who are interested in purchasing your products?

Nik: I’m getting to know YouBeli better with every step taken in establishing my shop. So with this relationship, it makes it easier for Malaysians to purchase my products. It’s an online store so anyone can access it, wherever they live.

H&D: Any tips on how to purchase your products through YouBeli?

Nik: You should always have the currency converted to Malaysian Ringgit for accurate pricing. You would not have to think about Sterling exchange rates or the extra payments for overseas transactions because my products are delivered from the United Kingdom. Moreover, they’ll connect you to Malaysian online banking systems.

H&D: Do you have a specific demographic you’re targeting?

Nik: The products, artwork prints, or cushions covers are designed in limited numbers. They are for artistic buyers who love that individual look. They are for the design conscious and taste makers. You know, I have had buyers in their twenties and their seventies!

H&D: Is there a specific price range you’ve set?

Nik: The price ranges from RM160 to RM360 depending on the products (delivery not included). These products are all hand drawn and are limited editions.

H&D: What type of products can we expect from you in the near future?

 Nik: There are some new products in the pipeline for sure! This includes my new interior design book and more artworks and home accessories starting from January 2017. Watch this space!    

H&D: Buyers like to plan ahead especially when shopping for Christmas or birthday gifts. How long is the wait before receiving our orders from YouBeli?

Nik: You can order them for many occasion but hurry because numbers are limited! Once I receive your order, the product is ready to ship in 1 - 2 business days from the UK and will be delivered by Registered Royal Mail 1st Class once all payments are cleared. Tracking numbers for orders will be provided. Please allow about two weeks to receive your goods from the UK.

H&D: Pick one of your products/collections that would make a great Christmas gift. Why is that your favourite?

The MAMA CELESSE cushion cover collection. Why? Because it's fabulous! 'Mama Celesse' can be used independently or in combination, in glamourous or informal interior design schemes. These stylish, eye-catching, and vibrant cushion covers will keep you company all year round. They are ready for day-to-day home living. Hold and hug Mama when you need to! 

For more information, visit www.youbeli.com/nikaramli or www.nikaramli.com