Venture into New Frontiers

In the past, sideboards were commonly used as storage for silverware, dishes and linens for the dining area. Their flat upper surfaces were used to display food and lamps. They were popularised 19th Century, when the households became affluent enough to afford rooms dedicated solely to dining.

However, sideboards can be used in a myriad of other places as well! They’re unobtrusive, meant to be placed against a wall out of the way. Many a room can benefit from this, and it’s easy to select one that suits the general feel of your space.

Why the sideboard though? The sideboard gives us an extra surface to work with in any room, and can also serve as a well-concealed storage unit. It can be used as a TV stand with extra storage space for all your home entertainment electronics. You could even use them in the study to house all your important documents.

Give these ideas a try!