A working workspace

With homes and houses getting smaller, it's become even more imperative that we find multipurpose furnishings that can serve dual, if not more purposes. And even moreso when so many among us now work from home! It's important to have a functioning workspace, but at the same time, it's good to know that at the end of the day, you can clear the papers and computers away and still have a space that is truly home.

The Chillap chair by Jori is available at JJ Chesters. By day a workstation, by night, an armchair for watching your favourite programs on television! Bonus surface for your TV dinner, too.

The Torino table from BoConcept is large enough to be used as a dining table, but in the right place and setting, it can also serve as a workspace. And when you're done typing away, you'll also be able to use it as a surface on which to prep your cooking!

This workspace perfectly uses up a small corner which might otherwise be unused. In the day, it's also a great spot to turn into a vanity! Simply prop up a mirror and you're good to go.


1) Make sure it's well lit. No excuses.

2) Brighten it up with some colourful figurines or greenery in the form of plants! If you've got an abundance of natural light, choose succulents, which need minimal care. Otherwise, try keeping a moneyplant. 

3) Keep your workspace clean and clutter free. It'll make your transformations that much easier as you transition from working to resting and doing other things!