Your bedroom, your sanctuary

One may realise that the older they get in life, the less time they spend in their bedroom. Sure, it used to be a place where you escaped the furor of teenhood, your private space and the four walls that bore witness to your self-discoveries, but adult bedrooms are often reduced to just places to rest your aching body.

A bedroom is more than just a bed and an air conditioning unit. It is your little paradise away from the hustle and bustle of what humans call ‘life’. So, take some time off, and make it THE paradise you deserve.

And here is a little guide to help you out.


A reflection of you

Since it is YOUR paradise, your bedroom should first and foremost reflect who you are and what you like. Get rid of those generic hypermarket bed sheets- yes the ones with the nonsense abstract patterns on them, and swap them out for something that is YOU. Do the same with the curtains, furniture, and lighting fixtures. Love minimalism? Get single colour sheets with plain walls and furniture that is simple in design. More of a Victorian aficionado? Furnish your room with a grandiose bed frame and furniture more suited for a castle of the middle ages! The most important thing being that the room embodies and expresses YOU.


Actually get a good bed

Doing you is great and all but the single most important part of your bedroom is still the bed. Be wise, and spend a little extra to get a mattress that has extra back protection and helps eliminate bed bugs which might ruin the quality of your sleep! A good pick would be Vono’s Ergobed collection that boasts unrivalled comfort, back protection and anti-bacterial properties. Don’t skimp on a good bed and you will find yourself falling back in love with your bedroom!


Good lighting, good lighting

The single most distressing problem that plagues our bedrooms is bad lighting. Most people just make do with a light fixture on a ceiling that is often too bright and does nothing to create a relaxing environment. Instead, get more fixtures that softly illuminate the room with indirect light like one of those 5 star hotel rooms. If you want to be tech-savvy, try out Philips Hue Connected light bulbs which connect to your smartphone wirelessly and lets you choose any colour you wish with a companion app!


Candles are sexy

Candles are romantic and it is the one simple item you can get that drastically increases your bedroom aesthetic. Be sure to put it in a lantern so the light casts a mesmerising play of shadows on your bedroom wall. Scented candles ups it a notch but be sure to get quality ones as cheap scented candles can ruin a bedroom’s ambiance instead.


No tech zone

Leave your glowing monitors and television screens out of your bedroom. Your whole day is dominated by the dings and dongs of smartphone notifications and the glow of these glass slabs so turn your bedroom into a retreat from all that. The last thing you need is an email from work.


Cleanliness for the mind

Think of your bedroom as an extension of your mind- if it is messy, your thoughts will be messy. So make sure to keep in clean; vacuum the floors, wipe the windows and fold up your clothes. Just ask yourself after a long day’s work, would you rather come back to a neat and clean space or a room of utter filth?


So with these tips, go forth and create your own little paradise at home. What other tips you have to make your bedroom more comfortable? Leave them in the comments below!