NestNordic.com offers the unique Scandinavian concept as well as polished sense of simplicity with the Nordic lifestyle to let people find their inner peace at home. We fulfill our customer's needs through the attitude that is deeply rooted in Nordic countries, which emphasizes on the timeless style of simple, functional, elegant and intelligent designs which merge seamlessly into any living concept. To target different groups of consumers, NestNordic.com has categorized our design concept into 3 series - Mature, Young and Neutral. The Mature series focuses on the use of materials, such as leather, and a dark-coloured theme. On the other hand, the young series will be presented in vivacious colours, bold designs, besides boasting a style of mix-and-match elements. Meanwhile, the Neutral series will spot neutral and bright colour tones for both furniture and accessories. These 3 series cater to consumers ranging from age 20 to 50 years old. In 2016, we are pleased to announce that our stores are not only available in Seoul, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. This year, NestNordic.com has achieved yet another milestone with the opening of our first retail store in Shanghai to give our valued customers a great opportunity to experience the worthiness of a Nordic lifestyle. To decorate your dream house with Scandinavian lifestyle designs, just drop by your nearest NestNordic.com lifestyle Concept Store to pick favourite pieces.