Niro Granite

Niro Ceramic Group has been around for more than 35 years. Marketed under the brand name of Niro Granite, its first manufacturing plant was established in 1979 in Switzerland. The rapid growth in the Asia markets eventually led to the success of Niro Ceramic Malaysia’s establishment in 1988 and Niro Ceramic Indonesia in 1995. Attributed to the constant market demand, Niro Ceramic China was established in 2001 and Niro Ceramic Vietnam as well as Niro Ceramic Espana in 2010. In 2013, one of the notable tile brands in Spain, Zirconio, founded in 1965, was acquired by Niro Ceramic Group. The continuous economic growth in the Southeast Asia encouraged the rapid expansion of Niro Ceramic Group’s network to India, thus Niro Ceramic India is formed in 2014. In 2016, the group has established a representative office in Philippines. Exported to over 130 countries worldwide, Niro Ceramic Group has succeeded in preserving the Swiss heritage of always delivering high quality products and services to our customers despite having many new product lines and numerous geographical expansions. Having a diverse network across the globe enabled Niro Ceramic Group to be the leading supplier that is backed with large stock keeping, ensuring prompt delivery with great credibility and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Moving forward, our people are enthusiastic with great possibilities ahead. As clearly stated in our corporate mission statement, we strive to bring the best trendy collection of high quality porcelain tiles, efficient customer services and most important of all, the value-added strategies to our partnerships all around the world.